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amahara said: im sorry but im going to drop maya fey. it's been so much fun and i'll miss you all so much!!

Okay. It’s sad that you leave, it was fun with you too!

- Feenie

wrighto said: ((well since feenie asked me to make my independentness official... i am dropping nick from WAA because i'm always inactive;; ))

It’s too bad that you leave. But if you think it’s better, I won’t stop you -sobs-

- Feenie

gregory-edgeworth said: I hate to do this, but I'm putting both Greg and Udgey on Hiatus. My latest post explains it. I'm sorry!

Okay! I read it, no problem at all :3

- Feenie

littlekay-swissrollsx3 said: Hi, sorry I haven't been on much lately. But can I put Kay on hiatus for now? Approximately 3 weeks. :) Sorry, but things are just not going well for me lately :/ Thank you!

Of course you can!

I’ll put you on hiatus right now! :3

- Feenie

young-science-freak said: Hi. It's me, me-with-fantasy with my promised blog.
I'm Ema Skye (young)

Welcome, future detective Skye! :3

Everyone! Follow our new member!

- Feenie

toxicaffections said: [[ Feenie dearie, since we don't really have a Wocky anymore, would you please drop Alita for me? I may drop Lamiroir as well, but that has yet to be decided. o u o ]]

Of course, my dear Dollie <3 Everything you want.

And I can’t wait for you coming back to harass Feenie a little bit more ;3